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Hello, .

I Fall in Love with Maine Coon  since I saw them on CFA show in 2005,

I am so impress with their Giant, gentle and tabby Marking of Mainecoon cats .

So I collected My money and in beginning 2006 , I start to breed mainecoon

In improving the quality of Our maine coon cat ,we import the cats from USA

Luckily one famous breeder in USA (Jayhawkcats Cattery), trust me and give me very beautiful  Boy GC Jayhawkcats Leonardo da Vinci

Thank you to Conny & James Pelham, Jayhawkcats Cattery, This Grand Champion boy make new blood for our cattery, so we are more special in American lines of Maine coons.

Breeding cat is not easy , we always try to improve the quality of our kitten with looking for good blood line, character and healthy cats from other cattery.

In 2010 we get an additional boy and girl from Jayhawkcat  cattery : GC Jayhawkcat Jakarta and Jayhawkcat Denpasar. With this additional we expect the quality of our kitten will improve to meet the standart in CFA.

Our cattery is registered in CFA and we show exclusively in CFA show.

Some of our own Kitten has sucessfully  get GC titles in CFA, and they also live in other countries i.e.China, Malaysia, Brunei.

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