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The Future Boy

This Special Page was made for Connie and James Pelham (Jayhawkcats Cattery) who supported our breeding Program, with Given some of their best cat to Live in Our cattery in Indonesia.

Their Honesty and  Kindness to choose the special cat for us without discriminated ( most of the breeder always choose the best one for their breeding before they offer to others) force me to make this special Page. They are really good, ethical  and reputable Breeder.

so I can recommend you to contact them if you need kitten for show or your  breeding Program.

On December 2007 : One of Special Boy From Jayhawkcat arrived in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia together with the breeder James & Connie Pelham, His name is GC Jayhawkcats Leonardo Da Vinci aka "Leo", Now Leo is my foundation Male.





Jayhawkcat Jakarta

On December 2009, I ask Connie (Jayhawkcat cattery) about the possibility to get an additional kitten for Showing and breeding.

On January 2010, Connie offer me a Cameo Tabby white boy from Miracle Coon Slayter and Ch Jayhawkcat Sophie Choice

she called the boy with special name " Jakarta", very beautiful name remembering us with our Indonesia capital city.


sire : Miracle Coon Slayter




Dam : Ch  Jayhawkcat  Sophie Choice





Jakarta Picture at  7 days





Rare Beautiful back line on Cameo Tabby



 Jakarta at 8 weeks








At 3 months age





at 4 Months age









The show carrier of Jayhawkcat Jakarta


May 29-30 , 2010 :  at this 4 months age, jakarta join his first show in region 6, CFA show : " He purr so loud that every judge commented  it "



August  14 -15, 2010 : 8 Rings CFA show  in Kansas City

Jakarta get Final in 5 Rings























August 28-29, 2010  : 6 rings CFA show

Jakarta was The Best kitten in Show and  received "The Paula Borrof Memorial Award " from The Midlands Cat Club



Best Kitten All Breed at Brian Moser Ring




Best Kitten all Breed at Jeff Janzen Ring



3rd Best Kitten Specialty at Jim Dineson Ring



 Best Kitten All Breed at Jan Rogers Ring




8th Best Kitten all Breed at Patty Jacoberger Ring



Second Best Kitten All Breed at Norma Placchi Rings



The Breeder James & Connie Pelham Receiving The award  for the Best kitten in Show

Congratulations !!!




 Oklahoma City Club Show, 6 Rings CFA show

September 4, 2010


Best 7 Kitten all breed in Kathy Black Ring




Best Kitten All Breed in Jeff Hanzen Ring




Best 4th Kitten All Breed in Brian Pearson Ring.




Best 6th Kitten All breed in Gloria Hoover Rings.




Best 5th Kitten All breed in Marge Collier Ring